It is truly amazing when you get to crawl into bed with your BF and feel his arms wrap around you and pull you close to him..When he softly kisses your forhead and nuzzles your neck..when he gets in after you and pulls the covers over your heads..when he lets you fall asleep on his chest and holds you all night. Its amazing.


Hey so, heres the scoop. Falling in love is wonderful. But if it’s real and then ends..its the most painful thing you could ever expierence. I would rather get hit by a train. It would be more pleasent. Seriously.  Anyways, more about the love itself..Love is the most amazing, wonderful, magic thing in the world.  You know you’re in love when you think about that person every moment of every day, ALWAYS want to be with them, you trust them with your heart and life and they accept it.  They will never want to hurt but only want whats best for you. The relationship itself will be as easy as breathing. You wont have to think about what to say or do, you will just know it.  I myself have fallin in love twice and I still love one the guys. He doesnt love me anymore but im finally starting to accept it.  It’s still hard for me to talk to him (yes we talk…we are acctually really good friends now).  Everytime I talk to him, I wish I could tell him how I feel but i cant.  But you know what?  If you love should tell them. Don’t be like yourself.  You might be surprised at the results.  I wish i was brave enough to do this, but im not because I know he doesnt love me anymore. If I thought he still loved me..even a little bit.. I would tell him. SO….Moving on..You know you love someone when you want to do anythig for them..give your life for them even.  I was willing to do this..and I still am.  But, if you fall in love..dont take it for granted. You never know when it will dissapear. I sure didnt see it comming.